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Right now, I spend my waking hours finding and talking to great people who want to continue building Apptegy. Much of my day is spent talking to people about software engineering, SaaS sales, and other opportunities we are creating as we grow.

This has been a year focused on... focusing. That has meant returning to habits that made me who I am. Each day, after I pour my first cup of coffee I sit down in a white swivel chair next to my bookshelf and I read. I read whatever is nearby: a Japanese novel, an improvement book, or poetry (e.g. Thomas Hardy).

It also has meant removing and reducing stuff. Clearing surfaces and reducing the objects around my work space and living spaces is an old OCD hobby that I've taken up again.

When I create the time, I am learning javascript and React. It is a losing battle, but one that I want to fight as long as I am interviewing engineers and involved with a software company. An hour of trying to code might be the single best way to humble me.

Something I am working on improving is contacting and talking to the people I care about. This is the easiest thing for me to put off. But each year I realize how important it is and that it is not going to get easier without being intentional.

The most important part of my life now and for the next 20 years are my kids. Spending time with them, building marble contraptions, playing Rummikub, teaching them the love of reading, and teaching them how to think are the highlight of every day. As much as I love working and driving towards a goal, I want to use the energy and momentum I build at work to pour into my kids.

This is a Now page. Now pages are inspired by Derek Sivers. It is similar to an about page, but it tells you what I am doing now (how I am spending my time and what I am focused on)— not just what I have done in the past. This entire site is inspired with that in mind.

Last updated: August 29, 2020

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I would like to hear your story and know who you are and what you’re working on. The easiest way to connect is by picking a time here that works for you.