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Favorite toolsFavorite tools

Alfred App

The single most powerful app on my computer. With the powerpack (paid) you can create workflows, hotkeys, text expansion, etc. It’s very powerful but requires some time and deep dives to take full advantage.

Bear App

I wanted something much faster than Evernote (RIP) & has more function/style/organization than TextEdit. Bear is exactly that. It pairs nicely with my Alfred workflows.

Gmail Tabs

The budget (aka free) version of Superhuman email. I use this to organize my inbox with tabs that create saved searches.


Audible for free (via libraries). An incredible resource that allows you to download audio books and ebooks immediately via a local library.


I spend 50% to 85% of my day on Zoom calls. I hate having to open a browser to view my calendar mid-call. Itsycal makes it easy to see your schedule and with a hotkey it opens automatically over any windows you have.


90% aesthetics, 10% function. This is a nice tool to make your desktop custom by adding scripts. For example, I added the time and date to the center of my menu bar (just below my webcam) so I don’t have to take my eyes away from a video call.


A simple app that hides all of the menu bar icons I have (wifi, battery, etc). I only have two menu bar icons active and 15 hidden. Makes the desktop cleaner.

Favorite booksFavorite books

Cocktail Party Book

Nick Gray taught me everything there is to know about hosting a standout dinner or cocktail party. Then he wrote a book about it and made it accessible to everyone. If you're thinking that you're not the type to host a party, then you should definitely pick this up.

Brothers Karamazov

A book about life itself. Beautiful and tragic it lays bare the ideas and decisions we each wrestle with about who we will be, what we’ll believe, and who we will love.

Fathers & Sons

More idealistic than Brothers K, it’s a novel that shows how young and old view the world differently. A book that helped me understand that the problems of the present are not so different than the past.

What’s Best Next

A productivity book that is half theology and half tactics. If nothing else, it has helped me ask the most important question during my day, “What is best next?”

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle

Murakami is one of my favorite authors because his writing dives deep into the characters and how they think. Despite a wandering storyline, Chronicle (which is really 3 books in 1) mirrors real life. Like many Murakami books, it doesn't all make sense (which seems like life to me).

Way of the Superior Man

I agree 100% with 20% of this book. The early chapters about life, finding your edge, dealing with fear, and living from your source are some of the most inspiring pages I’ve read. Highly recommend Part 1 but skip Part 2 and Part 3.

Reinventing Organizations

An excellent book for anyone that wants to really dig into what is possible in business: trusting employees, letting those closest to the work make decisions, and rejecting traditional org models. The result = meaningful work and effective teams.

Superhuman Social Skills

Tynan is an exceptional writer. His succinct, down to earth style never gets stuck in research or having to repeatedly prove his points. This book makes my Favorites list for its advice and the reminder that our ability to connect with people and build friendships is a skill like any other.

The Great Bridge

An exceptional book about New York, Brooklyn and the bridge that connects them. It’s a historical book, but is compelling, never slow and shows that great things are possible with resilience.

Favorite thingsFavorite things

Tom Bihn - Aeronaut 45 Bag

An excellent bag for overnight trips that are 2 to 10 days long. Noah Kagan got this for me in 2013 and I’ve used it for every domestic and international trip since. Has a hidden built in backpack as well.

Baabuk Shoes

Wool sneakers and slippers that look great and weigh nothing. It’s European version of all birds, which means it looks much better and costs more.

Myles Momentum Shorts

The best shorts I’ve ever worn. Comfortable and cool they work great for summer lounging or year round runs.

Olukai ‘Ohana Sandals

Comfortable, durable and as stylish as flip-flops can be. I’ve worn two pairs over the last 6 years.

Garmin vivoactive 3 watch

I hate the learning curve for Garmin’s eco-system, but got used it to after a couple of months. This has become a favorite item and being able to leave my phone at home while still having GPS and music on a run has been helpful.

Chrome Pike Backpack

A great EDC (every day carrier) that is versatile and has some cool access and pockets. (Link is a video because Chrome doesn't offer the grey color anymore.)

Tommy John Undershirts and Underwear

Incredibly comfortable. I haven't bought anything else since 2014.

Visible - Phone Plan

I used to recommend Republic Wireless because of the low cost - no frills plan. Then Visible came along and didn't limit the GBs per month. Since then Dish has acquired Republic and it's not the same. Visible offers Verizon quality calls and internet on your phone for $25 a month if you do it right. The only downside is occasional slow downs in speed but that's rare.

Favorite quotes/linksFavorite quotes/links

Adam Gilbert

“The results you want are hiding in the activities you avoid.”

Extreme Athleticism Is the New Midlife Crisis

“...a fear that the weaknesses that have dogged you are not just temporary challenges to cope with, but a permanent part of who you are.”

Raising Entrepreneurs

“Part of parenting is being able to receive feedback, learn from it, and put it those lessons into practice, no matter what form it comes in.”

Financial Samurai

“dig deep, no matter what, and have an unwavering focus to keep on going despite all the worry.”

Love Work

“Work is a skill. Like any skill, you'll enjoy it more if you are good at it. And this is how you get good at it-- you do it a lot, you dive deep into it, and you create a positive attitude around it.”